C.O.D Sketch #4

Sunday, December 13, 2009

We decided to paint movie stills as part of the C.O.D. It's funny because I used to do this all the time but stopped for some reason--probably frustration... So I used my "warm up" time the past two days to do one study. It came out ok for a quickie, but it reminded me of two things. One, I have to start with a good foundation. Most of the time I spent on this sketch was just trying to align features of the face. Had I knocked that out to begin with it would have gone much faster. And second, I started to forget what the hell a basic shape was. Once I put my basic shapes hat back on, it started to go smoother.

This was a still of Megan Fox from Jennifer's Body by the way. Why I chose a face shot, I have no idea. I admit it was challenging to draw classic proportions again. Next time I'm breaking out the Loomis books. :)

Posted by Adam Street at 4:38 AM  


this is by far one of my favorite stills! its awesome in every way. i dig the blue tones on her head, the hair looks fntastic and real none the less. you are simply brilliant adam!

Anonymous said...
12:19 PM  

Thanks G!

Adam Street said...
7:29 PM  

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