Gesture practice

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some quick morning gestures I did a few weeks ago. I did them with grey prisma markers but I added the beige tone in Photoshop. I had to scan a few B&Ws in tonight, so I figured I post these two.

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Chuck Wagon

Friday, February 19, 2010

While watching the Super Bowl I saw Charles Barkley's new Taco Bell commercial. While watching I was like, "WTF?" Do you remember the old days of the Old Spice and the "I am not a role model" Nike commercials? Now Chuck Wagon is promoting fast food...oh the irony. Nothing wrong with it of course, I just think it's funny. Especially considering how much weight Barkley has gained since he retired.

I didn't use ref, so there's not a big likeness. Just some fun while I was with child.

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MA Spider-man 59 19

This book keeps getting more and more interesting to work on. Spider-man has girlfriend problems and to make it even worse he thinks the X-men are screwing with him--and he gets uber pissed. Writer Paul Tobin has brought so many different elements to MA Spider-man, it may be an all ages title, but it's a damn interesting story.

My colors. I don't have the book so I can't confirm the inker and penciler.

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The Holy Crap Warmup!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today started off innocently enough, like most days. I drew this drawing in my sketchbook in I'm guessing 15 or 20 minutes then I figured I'd color it then get on with work. I knew I was unhappy with her hands and I figured I'd redraw them in Photoshop. I fought in Photoshop for over an hour with this image--and that was before I colored it! Right now I sit totally annoyed and I really need to get moving with my daily work load.

Moral of the story is, not too long ago I would have given up, not pushed forward, and tossed this drawing in the trash. But I didn't quit. So no matter how much one could hate this drawing, at least it's finished. where are my meds?

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Mall snippets

Thursday, February 04, 2010

After being smothered by my Spider-man deadline, I was finally able to come up for air today. This morning I attacked the angles and tension section in Walt Stanchfield's book. I'll post some of those sketches soon, but in the mean time here's some mall quickies.

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