Debbie Does....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This is the poster for the comic Debbie Does Dallas. This time I did this to be a little bit more like the comic. The text will be changed though. The "porn" comment was me being stupid.

I also decided to make Debbie more slender instead of all curvy and hoochie-fied like the Candy Striper girls. I figured cheerleaders are usually leaner. I wanted her body to say more "athletic", instead of 50 Cent video. LOL Since Debbie is kinda thrown into an apocalyptic situation, I decided to make her a little surprised. I tried to hack Dean Yeagle a little bit to pull it off. ...gotta love the master.

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Candy Stripers Poster

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's funny how this transpired. I'm the colorist on Candy Stripers, but I felt like painting a pinup for the book. Then I got this idea for a retro type '70s movie poster. Everyone liked it so they're going to make prints for San Diego Comic con. They're going to change the text, this was the first draft. Originally I didn't plan on this being "for the book", so this one doesn't have as much to do with the comic itself. It was more a reason for me to draw naughty nurses. The book is actually a very dark and gritty fairy tale. I plan to do a set of these for all the Terminal Press/Arrow Productions comics.

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Marvel Presents 8

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I got this story (for coloring) Friday afternoon and it was due Monday morning. The hi-res files weren't requested until three weeks later. was like that. Although I crammed these pages into two days, I did like a few things about them.

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Snow Bunny

After reading Beth's comment I decided to poke fun at a practically naked woman with a jacket. I'm not saying she won't catch a cold....but she does have on a jacket. LOL

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