Chick-O-Day Challenge

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Jonathan and I are going to do a Chick-O-Day Challenge. All that means is we're going to draw a girl a day for the month of December starting today. Not that I need much motivation to draw a woman most days... :) We may have topics sometimes but we're mostly just drawing babes. I haven't done something like this in a long time so this should be really fun. Jonathan's art has inspired me since high school and I'm looking forward to seeing what he does.

Posted by Adam Street at 10:33 AM  

4 comments: a great idea. Beautiful gesture work you've been doing in some of your recent comps, sir.

underfoot said...
1:07 PM  
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Anonymous said...
1:24 PM  

well, happy holidays! where is her mistletoe at?

Anonymous said...
1:25 PM  

Thanks you two! hey...a mistletoe, that gives me ideas. :)

Adam Street said...
5:25 AM  

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