Spiderman MA #11

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I don't think I've ever colored the Lizard before and this one was fun to do. Something about coloring a green, drooling, loud mouth just takes me back to the high school days... This was colored by me, penciled by Roberto Di Salvo, not sure on the inks.

I posted this passage on my Deviant Art account about my color choices for these pages:

One of the countless things I learned from Todd McFarlane was his talent wasn't making anatomically correct people and objects, his talent was making them cool. McFarlane was genius for making the lamest characters and props interesting as hell, if not down right cool. Some times you need to do something scale and risk to being boring and sometimes you have to go outside the box.

If you look at the Spider-man #11 pages I uploaded, they are kinda similar. I wanted to try a hazy muted kinda day but the problem is Marvel likes their Marvel Adventures line to be pretty bright and punchy, so what to do? I went ahead and made the background hazy and used atmospheric perspective to seal the deal but I used "lighting" to bring the foreground forward. So for example, the only way to get color like this in a real photograph would be to use a flash or lights on an overcast day.

So had I wanted to color this "realistic" I would have made the foreground much darker and muted like everything else. Follow the rules of realism, then break them when you want to try to do something cool.

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