Poor Planning

Thursday, February 03, 2011

I did this sketch for a friend of mine after she joked about working out while giving her child a bath. Even though this is a quick “sketch” I proceeded on this drawing even though I shouldn’t have, or at least should have went in a different direction. I was the victim of poor planning.

My original idea was to draw a little boy in the bathtub and show mom working out, doing her taxes, and maybe one other bathroom task. For some reason I could not get it to work to save my life. Either I couldn’t get an angle/perspective that I liked or it just wasn’t telling the story—kinda like now.

I used call sketching sketching but sometimes I refer to it as problem solving, and maybe sometimes you should too. Why do some artists draw thumbnail sketches first? It is because they can see various ways to solve the problem and learn from each one. I’m not saying you can’t change along the way, but the more coherent picture you have in your head the better your end drawing will be.

I wouldn’t ordinarily post something like this but I figure it may help someone learn from my mistakes.

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