Big Love: Nicki

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I used to laugh at people who used to say, "keep it" or "keepin' in real". I used to find it a little cliche and maybe even corny until I grew to learn I really do like to keep it real, real as in true. That's why I LOVE most HBO shows. If someone is pissed they cuss, if they have sex it's usually intimate, violence is more real etc. HBO dramas (as well as any cable pay TV) can push the envelope in ways TV dramas cannot. Which brings me to one of my favorite shows; Big Love. It's supposed to start again in January and I'm happy to have it back.

I didn't do much warm-up sketching this morning so I figured I'd do something before bed. This is a quick sketch of Nicki. I found a couple of really cute pics of Chloe Sevigny but I figured to make it Nicki I needed to draw her all pissed off and lookin' like she just got off the compound.

All digital sketch in Photoshop.

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