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Thursday, September 01, 2011

I passed another artist's blog and he did a caricature of Georgia Salpa. When I first saw the thumbnail I thought it was one of the Kardashians or something. Once I googled her...whoa nelly! I guess you can say, I thought she was so hot I had to draw her myself. I may go back in and tweak her face a little to get more of a likeness, but for right now she's a chick who's really into toothpaste.

This truly turned out to be more of an experiment in color than anything. I've been so busy the last couple of weeks it was nice to finally paint something. No phallic symbols here... LOL

Posted by Adam Street at 8:17 PM  


Nice drawing!

Howard Shum said...
8:01 PM  

Thank you Howard! I've always loved your stuff, that means a lot to me.

Adam Street said...
10:21 AM  
mk said...
10:54 AM  

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