V Finale

Friday, May 21, 2010

The TV show V went from a mediocre show that I was surprised I watched every week to a show I can't wait for. It's not great...you know, like True Blood...but it is a lot better and worth watching now. One big shift was Morena Baccarin's character (pictured here) Anna. She was emotionless and pretty boring--which is the nature of the aliens, but bad for TV. Now she's all evil and conniving and what not so...you know how I am about my evil bitches. :)

I did this quickie while pausing the TV. Looking at it now I should have changed (or caricatured) her mouth. Just to sell the fact that she was devastated. I'm just not selling the whole teeth quivering thing here, even though that's similar to how her mouth was in the shot.

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