Mysterious: The Unfathomable

Friday, September 18, 2009

A couple of months ago I randomly picked up Mysterious the Unfathomable and immediately fell in love with Tom Fowler's work. If you're as unfamiliar with Fowler as I was, it seems he does a lot of work for Mad so his art style is in that vein. The book came out earlier this year so I had to order the back issues. Artwork aside, it was a really cool comic! Jeff Parker and Fowler did an awesome job on designing and creating this book. And my favorite part, Fowler draws Mysterious and other characters with big beer bellies. Even when I'm life drawing, I love the big guts--when it's not mine I'm guessing.

I drew this last night in pencil. I scanned it in and colored it in Photoshop. I was looking at some Pete de Seve last night (who is blogging now by the way), so I got that watercolor feeling still in me from last night.

Posted by Adam Street at 9:23 AM  


wow man i love your thick thicks!!!

Damion009 said...
9:48 AM  

Thanks Damion! After finding your blog yesterday, you will see more. ;)

Adam Street said...
7:47 PM  

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