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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Since I am missing Wizard World Philly and the premier of my book, I will be doing $5 sketchcards for a limited time. My sketchcards are 3x5, done on Bristol paper, with Copic grey or color markers or gouche. When you purchase a sketchard you are automatically entered into the Most Outrageous Sketchcard Idea Contest. And with your sketchcard purchase, you can enter up to two additional ideas.

For example you may purchase a sketchcard of Elektra’s head, but you can submit your closet ideas for Poison Ivy spanking Batman with a Caladium or your other idea of Barack Obama giving Nancy Pelosi a table dance in Underoos. I don’t care! And if you buy five cards, you now have 10 additional entries—there is no limit. Now is the time to get your wacky, strange, off beat, kinky, or weird ideas out of your system and win something cool in the process!

First prize: An autographed copy of Epiphany and your sketch idea will be made into a 9x12 drawing and it will be digitally painted in Photoshop. Therefore you win the B&W lineart as well as the digital painting.

Second Prize: An autographed copy of Epiphany and your sketch idea will be made into a 9x12 con sketch (B&W Copic markers).

Third prize: An autographed copy of Epiphany and a sketchcard.

Purchasing a sketchcard is the ONLY way to enter the contest. All entries will be judged by me and the good folks at Terminal Press. Contest ends August 15, 2009.

To order send $5.44 via PayPal to adam@adamstreet.net and list your quantity, what you want sketched, color or black & white, your address and your additional outrageous ideas.

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